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Playground/resilient surfacing gives provides more fun underfoot. Great playgrounds are built on a solid, safe foundation. To balance the adventurous spirit and energy of kids, with our need to keep them safe, we offer technologically advanced safety surfacing. So kids can play hard and still have soft landings.

PebbleFlex® is composed of tiny spherical aliphatic polyurethane pebbles that are highly abrasion resistant and more UV stable than any other surfacing. The pebbles are bonded together with a clear, flexible, two-part aliphatic polyurethane binder — an exclusive process that is significantly stronger than typical non-bonded rubber granule surfacing.

Durable. In high-use areas, such as under swings and slides, a proprietary, clear
aliphatic polyurethane grout is applied to the surface to offer even more abrasion resistance.

Maintainable. The bonded pebbles withstand detergent cleaning solutions and sustain power-washing of up to 2800 psi. With a higher cleaning tolerance and longer life, PebbleFlex dramatically reduces maintenance time and costs.

Long Life. With a highimpact attenuation resulting from cushioned layers of recycled rubber and foam, the life of the surfacing is extended well beyond poured-in-place surfaces.

Safety. Pebbleflex meets fall heights up to and including 12 feet and foam height varies depending on fall heights. At the same time, Rubber and foam allow for the expansion and contraction of materials, yet is water permeable. Smooth surfaces are comfortable to walk on and ideal for wheelchairs.

Aesthetics. Provides a brilliant and beautiful playground surface which complements any Landscape Structures playstructure. A variety of five standard color blends, 15 custom solid colors and customized graphics to suit a particular theme or identity.


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